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Michigan has become a popular travel destination, especially in the summer. Although residents may use their vacation time to go out of state, there’s so much to do in Southeast Michigan that it’s worth being a tourist in your own hometown. Residents of all ages in Macomb County can enjoy a breadth of adventures such as boating, shopping, and sports-going. The Seaton Place Condominium Community of Chesterfield Township put together this guide of must-see activities in Macomb County. 

Things to do in Macomb, Chesterfield Township

Macomb County Parks

Macomb County is a great area to enjoy and explore all that Michigan truly has to offer. First, the famous Stoney Creek Metro Park features 4,435 scenic acres that you can walk, bike, drive, or paddle your way around! In true Michigan style, you can find yourself on the lake in the heart of the park. Rent kayaks, paddle boats, and other water toys while you’re there. What’s more, reservations are available to camp and golf within the park, too. 

If you’re looking for a smaller adventure, there is a 94-acre park called Macomb Corners Park. The park is both a bustling venue for sporting events and a warm place for family outings. Macomb Corner’s Park serves as the venue for a number of community events organized by the Macomb Township Parks and Recreation Department during the summer, such as the Summer Concert Series & Movies Under The Stars.

Sip, Shop, and Support Small Businesses 

  • Orchards and Breweries 

Michigan is home to many great small businesses. Although known for its automotive manufacturing, Michigan has become a household name for craft brews, homemade ciders, and wine. Macomb County specifically is home to many orchards and breweries such as Blakes’s Orchard, Brown Iron, and Dragon’s Landing.

  • Shopping in Macomb County 

Perhaps one of Macomb County’s most popular shopping destinations is Partridge Creek, a large outdoor shopping and dining space. Known for its shopping as well as its traffic is Hall Road, otherwise known as M-59. Just outside Macomb County, you can find two more shopping malls where eager shoppers travel far and wide to visit: Twelve Oaks of Novi and the Somerset Collection of Troy. 

  • Sports in Macomb County  

Michigan’s great landscape offers amazing lake options, as well as golf courses! Find yourself on the green at one of over 20 beautiful courses in Macomb County. If you’re looking for a ball game, the Jimmy Johns Field in Utica, Michigan is home to four different baseball teams playing as part of the United Short Professional Baseball League. Looking for the big wigs? Just a short drive down I-75 will take you to none other than Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers!

Macomb Center of Performing Arts

The main objective of the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts, which serves the county’s students and inhabitants, is to serve as Macomb County’s cultural center. Its goal is to inspire and support artistic expression through educational opportunities, performances, and volunteer opportunities while also enhancing and enriching the cultural growth and awareness of the community. You can check out their calendar of events for comedy shows, musicals, concerts, and more!

Lake Saint Clair

Michiganders know – lake life is the best life! Lake St. Clair, also referred to as the “Heart of the Great Lakes,” is tucked between St. Clair and Detroit River systems and is a part of the Lake Erie basin. 

Furthermore, Lake St. Clair is far smaller and shallower than the Great Lakes, with a surface area of only 430 square miles and an average depth of 11 feet, but it is very productive, supporting one of the largest sports fisheries in the world. The lake’s waters account for almost a third of the annual catch of sport fish in the Great Lakes.

Lake St. Clair offers residents who live in communities nearby, such as residents in Chesterfield Township, an abundance of things to do. Be a hometown tourist when you live in the Seaton Place condominium community and have access to all that Lake Saint Clair has to offer.

Seaton Place Condominiums in Macomb County

In Chesterfield Township, Michigan, there is a luxury condominium development called Seaton Place Condominiums. Icon Development, a family-run development business with headquarters in Metro Detroit, developed the Seaton Place condominiums in order to offer residents luxury living at an affordable price. 

Residents of all ages will enjoy a luxurious, carefree lifestyle thanks to the family-owned company’s two decades of experience in the industry. The Seaton Place condominiums reside within Macomb County, just outside of New Baltimore. Residents will enjoy access to shopping, schools, restaurants, and the lakefront. 

Benefits of Living in a Condo 

There are several reasons why buying a condo today can be a wise decision if you’re considering it. Condos are more popular than ever, especially among the Baby Boomer generation, which is starting to downsize and move into properties that are easier to maintain. Condominiums are, therefore, in high demand and increase in value more quickly than single-family homes.

Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or just ready for maintenance-free living, the Seaton Place condominium community makes living like luxury, affordable! Let’s examine the benefits of condo living.

Condo vs Apartment

The difference between an apartment and a condominium comes down to ownership. Apartment living is a rented space inside a larger building, but a condo is a private residence inside a bigger building or community that is owned by its occupant. Condos share facilities such as a fitness center, pool, and well-kept grounds with all the other units in their neighborhood. However, unlike apartment owners, condo owners pay monthly dues that go towards the maintenance of their unit, yard, and community spaces.

Benefits of a Condo Life

1. Less Maintenance

The fact that the maintenance is handled for you through HOA fees when you live in a condo is one of its biggest advantages. You don’t have to worry about hiring someone to replace the siding because they take care of everything from lawn mowing to grounds maintenance to roof repairs and snow removal.

This is a significant advantage whether you’re a first-time homeowner, have poor health, are busy at work, enjoy traveling, or simply don’t want to cope with all the tasks that come with being a homeowner.

2. Safety

Many condos provide homeowners with gated or locked entrances, doorkeepers, or even security personnel. This can be comforting if you live alone and security is a worry for you because it may lower the likelihood of house invasions. You also live close to a lot of other people, so you’ll have many people to call for assistance if something bad happens.

3. Amenities

Get to know your neighbors in a community full of friendly faces! Many condo communities such as the Seaton Place community provide amenities to their residents that would be otherwise unavailable to renters or homeowners in traditional residential homes. Yard and home maintenance, lakefront access, and community events are just a few perks of living in a condo. 

Luxury Living in Macomb County

Michigan is a beautiful state to reside in! Southeast Michigan offers residents the whole package – great schools, beautiful parks and lakefront, and a large county of communities with an abundance of small businesses to support. The Seaton Place Condominiums in Chesterfield Township would be thrilled to welcome you home – get in touch with the team today and learn more about easy, luxury living at Seaton Place!