vince sorrentino

Vince Sorrentino

Managing Partner

Icon Development

Vincent joined the family company in 2001. With a leading hand as project manager & sales director for many residential projects, ranging from apartment conversions to new construction developments.

Vincent’s experience as a project manager, sales director and land acquisition purchaser is not only in Southeastern Michigan, but also in territories throughout Florida and Arizona as well.

In addition to apartment conversions, Vincent and his brothers have acquired, developed, designed and built a dozen new residential construction projects. These projects ranged from multi-family luxury condominium sites to single-family subdivisions. With over 1,000 units built & developed with a retail market sale value of over $250M, Vince has a great deal of experience and diversity over the years.

Michael Sorrentino

Managing Partner

Icon Development

Michael Sorrentino has been in construction development for over 30 years. He has been involved in all aspects of the company, from onsite building to project manager to ownership. His experience ranges from single family residential, condominium development, retail development to medical facilities.

Michael formed Sorrentino Builders when he was 21 years old. The company worked in partnership with Icon Development and during this time he acquired a contract with St. John’s Hospital to manage their portfolio of rental units. Through this endeavor, Michael expanded the company. 

Now Michael, along with Vincent, have set a clear path to expand their endeavors into a variety of carefully planned and solid investment projects that will take the company to new heights once again.

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